Quality and Trustworthy Builder matters Really?

Our house was built in 2009, during the course of the 10 years, there have been several minor issues that we thought nothing much of. Since it was our first house, we didn't look much into it. But a few weeks back, something major happened and something really big One day (~1am) after i took … Continue reading Quality and Trustworthy Builder matters Really?

Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Sensor for a Beginner

Since my last post on the Pro-Form treadmill, I have tried using the EKG heart rate sensor and it really has not been working well. It is always hard to get a reading and whenever i do, it fluctuates from the 70's to the near 200s even when i measure it one time after the … Continue reading Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Sensor for a Beginner

ProForm Treadmill Review after 3 weeks for a Beginner

ProForm Performance 400i  Choosing We ended up with this treadmill after researching for maybe a week. Why we bought a treadmill, well to shorten the story, basically a physical checkup recently had the doctor recommending to start doing more cardio. And i do not have a scheduled time on when i can exercise and with … Continue reading ProForm Treadmill Review after 3 weeks for a Beginner

Fraudulent Website

In a single sentence: Our online store website is closed Well there is much more than just that simple sentence Beginning end of 2017 around December we have been getting random emails from our online store's (www.avaraapparel.com) contact form asking about a 'Teddy Jacket'. I searched through the web and instagram by the info the … Continue reading Fraudulent Website

Little Olympics Sports Day

Avery and Zara's Little Olympics Sports Day were different days, Zara's came first then the next day was Avery's. The Olympics were supposed to be held outdoors as they usually are but due to weather (rain) it was moved to the hall. The duration was about nearly 2 hours but for each day they had … Continue reading Little Olympics Sports Day

Halloween Parade @ School

October 31st, luckily the weather was forgiving, kids were able to attend school (Sunshine and Rainbows Early Learning Center) and continue with the planned parade in the courtyard. Just some pictures of what it is like when what to expect. Some of the costumes on that day were insane and super cute, the ninja one … Continue reading Halloween Parade @ School

Fall Harvest Festival

This festival was organized by a neighborhood close to where we stay Free entrance, free games, free food and most important of all, free candy The time of the festival was from 2:30pm to 5:00pm, but we decided to go around 3:30 thinking it would be less people and not as hot and sunny Mother … Continue reading Fall Harvest Festival