State Fair of Texas 2018

This is another last minute trip, this time to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. We originally planned to go on a weekday since the weather would be better and less people. But Sunday come, weather looks great, cloudy and cool so we packed, bought the tickets online and straight we went.

We arrived in the early PM and the sun was out, it got kind of hot at the start.

Once we arrived and entered the fair park, we decided to rent a wagon stroller, we regretted the first 10 minutes of using it. It was the hardest thing to use, not able to turn properly and adding to the amount of people there were at the fair, it made it the worst. We haven’t used any wagon strollers before and don’t think we would even think of getting one. Wifey did always want to get one for this type of trips where we would be out at places for hours at a time. But after this experience we think it would be best to reevaluate again, or maybe the one we got just had problems.


Any case, since we didn’t have lunch we decided to start searching for foods that usually taste the best at fairs and ones that you don’t usually get at other places.


First got a bratwurst on a stick, corn on the cob, corn dog and a fried twinkie.

Bratwurst on a stick, nothing special about it, just as the name suggests and not bad either.

Corn on the cob, boiled corn, plain but there is a ‘spice yourself’ station’ at the side of the stall where you can spice and flavor your cob to your liking, there were like nearly 10 difference spices/flavors.

Corn dog, you could never go wrong at the state fair when you get corn dogs. But this year something happened. The dog in the corn dog tasted really weird, the flavor was just different. It did not have anymore of the flavor we have been accustomed to, at one point we thought of throwing it away. But hey, it didn’t come cheap, everything at the fair came at not-a-fair price.

Fried twinkie, as the name suggests, tasted quite good especially for people with the sweet tooth. Wifey and I only had a small bite each, kids demolished it.

After getting our stomach satisfied, we started to move towards the kids rides.  Went on 2 rides only then headed to the children’s petting zoo area. Kids loved it there and feeding and touching the animals.


The weather started to look really bad after we came out from the petting zoo, it looked like the storm was rolling in so we decided to leave.


Kids received 2 complimentary ice cream vouchers from the petting zoo yay!!!


There are a few things i think we did not make the right choice this time and it would have been a much better experience if we have planned and chose wisely.

1st of all, we shouldn’t have rushed and went on a weekend, there were just way too many people.

2nd, the weather was very unpredictable so choose a day that for sure will not rain, not ‘it might not rain’ because we kept looking up at the sky and worried about rain and wasn’t able to fully enjoy and spend quality time with the kids going slowly. We had to rush from place to place to make sure we could eat and do what we wanted before rainfall

3rd, bring your own stroller if you have one or just rent a normal one, one that is fool proof and know how it works. That radio flyer was a huge disappointment, but i do think ours was faulty otherwise it wouldn’t be selling like hot cakes and can be seen everywhere we go.

4th, if going with friends, make sure to arrive together or unless you know the place really well. Even with the fair grounds map on hand it was hard to navigate around because of the stalls and some blockages on footpaths/roads

5th, be prepared to spend ‘some’ $$$$$$$$

On the way out we found a few coupons that we haven’t used yet and we decided to give away to a family that brought kids. Good deed of the day done!!!


All in all it was the kids first experience with the state fair and having the few above points kept in mind, we will surely have more fun next time/year. It was our first time taking kids so it was totally different than before, there was not much to worry about when there are no kids involved.

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