Pumpkin Affair

Sunday was one of the very few days out of weeks that was clear, sunny and warm.

Yesterland Farm was the pick for the next destination. A great place to spend the day with kids and have some fun.


Tickets were bought online and all we had to do is just get the wrist bands from the designated booth and we were in. We purchased as a group so it was like $2 cheaper than individual. We paid ~$19 PP. Online ticket purchase for these events are really a must, the line is so much shorter compared to buying at gate

The band of the day

More pictures, less words on this post





All rides have minimum height restrictions, but some operators are way more strict than other. Even half and inch off they will not allow the kids to ride. Rules are rules but sometimes i think they can just let it pass with such minimal difference. I mean this is a once a year thing and kids do really get sad when that are half an inch shy of the requirement

First time seeing this type of ‘mobile’ hand wash sink, really cool. The pump is the black rubber thing by the foot. Keep pressing with foot for the water to come out. Toilets were all portable toilets though


Another of the many setting/decorations for photo opportunities


Whats Husbands and Fathers do when wife and kids ride lol


There were many old/antique things there also like cars which you can take pictures with. Some you can get inside some not

Definitely getting pulled over like this


One of the main restaurant’s menu where we had lunch
2 picnic benches and we could still hardly fit hahaha
Turkey leg and pork ribs on a stick


Yesterland farm_181026_0027
Posing with mini pumpkins
After lunch, supposed to rest before going on more rides but kids were restless, so the mommies had to improvise and play games with the kids


When no kids were in the wagon, it became adult’s storage wagon lol



The corn maze, unfortunately because of the continuous rain we had earlier in the week, the paths were all muddy. Some people did still go and after seeing what they went through and how they looked after getting out, we just gave up lol. Mud could be seen soaking above the ankles of some people
One of the most anticipated event was the candy cannon truck. Videos as below
Yep, those are candies being shot from the cannon
We were too far back for the candy to reach us, and adding to the great weather with many people, there was not enough to go around

Apparently there was one lemonade stand that had a really long line, with the sun out and warm, everyone wanted to quench their thirst, so a couple of us gave it a shot.  Others really liked but i personally felt it was just syrup, ice, water and a little lemon juice. There was not much of a lemon taste or even a little sour to it


Group Photo

Had lots of fun at the farm, everyone was tired and enjoyed it






But the day was not complete for us, after the day at the farm, Avery and Zara demanded they want to have some pumpkin to put at home so when we got to Target where we usually do our grocery run there was a pop up tent where they sell only pumpkins

Pumpkins everywhere, the stock actually extends to the left of the tent where they were in huge boxes
Super excited on their first pumpkin
Couldn’t take their eyes off of it

To add,,,,,,,,

While at the farm i was stung by something, i don’t think it was a bee since there was no stinger on the skin. Although i did see something fly away but couldn’t take a good look at it, so i assumed it was a yellow jacket or some type of wasp. It was a sudden pain and lasted for a couple of minutes.  Then the aftermath, pics below are from a day later when it started to swell.

As of posting this, it’s been 5 days already, it’s getting better, only a little swell and itchy, maybe after couple of days it will go away


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