Fall Harvest Festival

This festival was organized by a neighborhood close to where we stay

Free entrance, free games, free food and most important of all, free candy

The time of the festival was from 2:30pm to 5:00pm, but we decided to go around 3:30 thinking it would be less people and not as hot and sunny

Mother had other plans so she couldn’t make it so i took this mission alone

Excited for the festival

The parking situation was not as bad as we thought, walking distance from the car to the location was less than 3 minutes

The Fall Festival, there was not any actual entrance as it was right on a big empty lawn by the golf course next to a road


Following instructions


Of course trick or treat buckets are welcome for the awesome candy
…..and toys too


Free pizza from papa murphy’s too


petting animals


the last stop before the festival was officially over, some balloon twisting to take home
Swan – check, Puppy – check

Although we were only there for a couple of hours but kids really liked it, not as intense as other festivals, not as big, less crowded so it was much more relaxing. More than couple of hours would probably be too much since it was not as big as you might think

Festive season around the corner, hope will have more to share on what it’s like for us living here

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