About Us

We are here to share our experiences and everything we feel that is interesting and fun, boring and sad and everything in between. Having lived in a couple of different counties and raised and studied in different countries, our way of seeing things and understanding are very diverse and hope to bring the readers to an understanding and walk with us on our journey.

This also gives us the opportunity to record ourselves and have our own stories instead of just photos, every photo has a story behind it and we could you this site to record that for ourselves too.

We will try and have this blog in both English and Chinese so more people can get involved and join us on our journey

Our family consists of 4 people:

Papa: South African born Taiwanese but never went to school in either South Africa or Taiwan, have been crossing the border everyday to school in Lesotho up until Highschool and completed undergrad at Dallas, TX.  Worked at Dallas for 3 years and back to South Africa.

Interests: A typical guy who loves cars and tech stuff (and buying), likes eating new food and restaurants and a very humble person (can Papa say that himself??)

Mama: Taiwan born and raised till college, then studied undergrad in Dallas, TX.  Worked at Dallas for a few years and moved with Papa back to South Africa.

Interests: Loves baking but loving the daughters more than anything in the world sometimes making Papa feel like an outsider. (J/K)

Avery: Born in South Africa in 2013 August

Interests: Likes puzzles, eating cheese, lego and starting to like dolls now (yikes!!). Avery is easier to communicate with, i guess the age is there now for her to understand what Papa and Mama are talking about and can digest and evaluate, and communicate, back and forth

Zara: Born in South Africa in 2014 October

Interests: Likes to eat cheese, meat and causing physical pain to other people in the family hahaha, hopefully not at her school as we have not received a call from the teacher yet (fingers crossed). Hard to communicate, maybe again it’s the age thing, hopefully it’s the age thing. Only wants it her way 90% of the time but we are trying to keep her in line, don’t wan’t her to be another child in public places where they there uncontrollable

Some may have questions and we are willingly to answer anything so……