Spontaneous Birthday Party

Zara’s birthday is on October 9th which will be a Tuesday, so on Thursday (4th) we decided to throw her a party on Saturday. Got talking with our friend and decided that her daughter’s birthday which is on the 7th, we will do a just 1 get together party for both of them on Saturday at our friend’s house.

Quick invitation was made on Thursday evening and sent out on Friday, invitation was actually required since it was only close friends that were going to attend but nonetheless wife wanted to make something to make it look more ‘official’ i guess

The Invitation

And besides the invitation she also made some sort of hand fan, just for fun.

Party was set for the evening so during the day we went hunting for party favors, balloons photo booth background, props etc. After acquiring all of this, the 2 mothers went back to the house to start decorating.

All people arrived and before dinner we decided to take some photos first with the decorations that was set


k&z birthday_181008_0027
The Chung’s
The Lee’s
k&z birthday_181008_0022
The Chuang’s
The Wu’s
The DeRemus’

Getting all the kids to look at the camera at the same time is probably one of the hardest things to do in life. It’s just impossible

For dinner we got take out food since there was basically no time to prepare and cook ourselves. Food was great and everyone enjoyed, after dinner was social time and kids were playing and adults were either supervising them or have their own chit chat going on as usual.

Then cake time came


Cake was good, bought from the store within Ranch 99


Everyone ones to stick the candle, which the kids struggled a little to blow it out since we got the ‘magic re-light’ birthday candle lol


Super Excited singing the birthday song



Drooling over the cake

Cake was a Taro flavor with fresh fruits on top

After cake and full to the brim, kids watched a movie and played more and also a singing talent show


All in all the kids loved it and adults enjoyed it as well. Great fun with family and friends as always

k&z birthday_181008_0008k&z birthday_181008_0016

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