Zara’s Cast

Three weeks back when Zara got back from school she started saying her arm hurts even when just lightly touched. We thought it was a sprain on the wrist while she was at school playing and decided to cool it off and get a wrist guard for her so it could ease the pain and help her sleep at night.

But the next day it did not get better and she was very uncomfortable so we decided to take her to the pediatrician. After a quick check up the doctor suggested us to go to the Orthopedics at Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. The Hospital itself looked pretty new and the staff there were very kind and helpful, clean and very comfortable.


The wait was not long and after the X-Rays the doctor determined that Zara had a hairline fracture on one of her forearm bone. Then it was cast time, I actually didn’t know cast nowadays actually was so fast and easy to apply. My thoughts were still back in those days using that white paste thing. It only took a few minutes to apply and dry. Although we opted for the water resistant ones where the cast could be submerged into water and all needed to do was just to use a hairdryer to dry it up, though it would be much easier when take a bath.

Is there really a water resistant vs non-water resistant?

Cast had to be on for 3 weeks, at the beginning she couldn’t get used to it at all and was very sad that she couldn’t use her left arm. we had to help her to dress and help her cut her food to small pieces etc…

Slept very well from the hospital applying the cast


But a few days in she was able to dress, eat without any issues, play as usual and it went on until a couple of days before the appointment to remove the cast. She started complaining that she wanted it off and was not happy that she still had to wait for couple of days for it to happen, but explaining to her that it was the doctor’s instructions, she did calm down a bit.

Three weeks are up and after picking up Avery from school we headed to the hospital to remove her cast. She was super excited but also scared that they are going to hurt her arm when removing the cast

Lunch before heading to hospital
Waiting area at the hospital


This time the hospital had a lot of patients waiting. We were there for around 1.5 hours in total to remove cast, get new X-ray and quick consultation with the doctor


Top is what skin looks like with cast on for 3 weeks

Now let’s hope she will calm down with what she does and don’t hurt herself again

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