Direct to Garment & Vinyl Printing

The decision that we made was so i was able to work from home while the kids are still at Pre K and that at least one parent could stay and spend more times with the kids. At that time while we were still in South Africa this was what we have set our head on. We did a little research while still in SA about the machines, process, market, costs etc….

And once we touched down in the US and found ourselves an apartment we started purchasing the machines. The whole Direct to Garment (DTG) printing uses 3 machines, the DTG machine, pretreat machine and the heat press. We purchased this as a bundle from a vendor.  Our DTG machines is the Freejet 330TX by Omni, the pretreat is the Pearl PTM and the heat press is the Hotronix Auto Clam by Stahls but all were purchased as a bundle from OmniPrint as a package.


The decision on the Freejet was decided on a few reasons, the bulk system ink supply system, the wet cap station, ability to print white and overall the cost of the machine.

It’s been almost a year and so we added a Vinyl Cutter/Plotter, the Graphtec CE6000-60 to help add more variety of printable products. At the same time also produce vinyl decals


We have recently found that most of custom print customers for tshirts are requesting 1 or 2 color prints and not i mostly print with vinyl

After nearly a year with hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on testing and buying the necessary accessories and consumables we have decided to let the DTG machine go and just keep the vinyl plotter

The DTG is superb with full color prints, below are some of what i have printed

Since we are moving on October, we are trying to sell the DTG asap as we really don’t want to move the machines, they are really heavy lol

For now we will stick to Vinyl Printing and decals and see how we will go from there. We have also started to try our hand in drop shipping for other products, more of that later….

What do you guys think? Opinion on DTG and Vinyl?


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