Beavers Bend, Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Labor Day Weekend

Take this post to about a month back when we went to the Beavers Bend Resort in Broken Bow Oklahoma. This is our first long weekend out of town with friends. 3 families, 6 adults and 5 kids.

A friend was lucky enough to have gotten this place for the labour day long weekend as we did decide kind of late on going to this destination. A very pretty and secluded place, not much neighbors and kind of in the woods. Hard to find if it’s your first time there.

****A very important thing for visitors, mobile phone signals is ZERO around this area, even in the close-by town where we went to buy groceries. In our group we have T-Mobile and AT&T and both are basically useless, NO DATA NO VOICE****

The cabin however did have free wifi which really helped

It’s called the Lucky Duck Lodge .


Afternoon stroll on the road outside the cabin


It’s basically 4 rooms to sleep, a huge high ceiling open area for the kitchen/dining/living area, runs the length of the house. Front porch with chairs, deck at the rear with a hot tub/jacuzzi, a gas grill with a set of table and chairs. The outside dining with the grill is covered as it is very important we have realized, it was raining when we had our bbq. A separate area with a fire pit for those chilly winters when you want to stay outdoors and a fire to keep warm.

We left Dallas after business hours as some of us did not clock out early from work, so we only arrived later at night. It was the same day as Avery’s birthday so once we arrived and unpacked we celebrated her birthday with some cupcakes. It was not well prepared but the kids still had fun and were excited to be in a new environment.


The next day we went on a look out for the attractions, a train ride through the woods was our first stop. But we had to make use of the wifi at the cabin to find it before heading out because as mentioned in the beginning, no mobile data in this area.

We somehow could not find the actual train ride place so we stopped a couple of time to ask people and did come to a stop by the lake, very beautiful and quiet. No boats or people were seen on the water, not sure of the reason though. But we did see a water snake and the kids freaked!!!



Finally found the train ride, it was about a 15-20 mins ride into the woods and we spotted many deers along the route and squirrels. Really fun and relaxing with the cool breeze blowing on your face. After the ride we had a quick bite by the restaurant there and kids went on to ride the ponies



**I however wished the pony ride was guided by a person than just walking in circles chained to the pole, it was kind of sad thinking about it. They just keep walking in circles the whole day chained up**

After the ponies we went back to the cabin to rest a little and in the afternoon we went on our next adventure (well i stayed back at the cabin to prepare the bbq for dinner).


Food was so great and night was so fun we forgot to take any pics lol

Next day we ventured out to go to a different part of the lake and let the kids try fishing for the first time hahaha


And not long after every kid tried the fishing pole that kids thought throwing stones into the water was more fun.

2 very adventurous mothers decided they wanted to go back to the same place yesterday and try giving canoeing a shot….. or kayaking, don’t really know the difference


took a while to position to park back the canoe
Well they did park it back correctly, great job!!!


Same night we bbq again and went by the fire pit to roast some marshmallow and again the night was filled with fun and laughter with no pics 😦

This is probably the only pic i have of the bbq at the very end of the night lol


Until next time…..

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