Time to Move

So since end of last year we moved to an apartment in McKinney, thought that since it’s pretty much the booming area alongside with its neighboring towns such as Frisco. It’s been almost a year already and out lease is up on the end of November. We decided it’s time to find a permanent place whether here up North in McKinney area or someplace else. Thinking of all the pros and cons we have decided to move back to our house in Coppell, TX near DFW airport.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 5.29.50 PM

Coppell Info

McKinney Info

I have always liked the cozy and laid back feel of the place, but yet very convenient with all things you need. Coppell is a very small town/city but the school district has been very good and we had a house there that was leased out to a tenant. Tenant’s lease is up on the end of October meaning we would have 1 month to clean and redo anything we wanted to the house before we moved back in.

Our Current Apartment

Recently I have been to places around the area from McKinney to pick up supplies and every time i pass there i would pass our house and just feel excited of moving back. Kids will at least have more space in the house and also a backyard is a huge advantage compared to an apartment. I personally love to Braai (or BBQ in US) so the backyard is very important to me also. Old Town Coppell Farmers Market is literally a few minutes walk from the house.

Anyways as mentioned above, we can’t wait to move back to our own home after October


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