Little Olympics Sports Day

Avery and Zara’s Little Olympics Sports Day were different days, Zara’s came first then the next day was Avery’s.

The Olympics were supposed to be held outdoors as they usually are but due to weather (rain) it was moved to the hall. The duration was about nearly 2 hours but for each day they had split to 2 groups. Either participating first half or second half.  Zara participated the first half while the next day Avery was the 2nd half

Zara’s first:

All students came into the hall with Olympic torches


Egg on Spoon


On both days, the games were very similar.

Now Avery’s


Bean bags



Avery and classmates polishing their socializing skills


Both days, while the other kids waited on the other group to finish, they were given ice lollies, i guess to keep them calm and let them have something to do lol

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