*S.A.* Sunny & Wei’s Birthday

Same day different year Wei and Sunny were born, June 29 We first had dinner at Wei's house on Thursday 29th June, a pre-party if you want to call it. Many were friends and family were present on that day   The actual birthday party gathering was on the Saturday, at Cranberry restaurant   We … Continue reading *S.A.* Sunny & Wei’s Birthday

05/27 & 05/28 2017 Weekend Cranberry +Wei’s + Tim’s again

More Food, More Drinks, More Friends, More Fun On Saturday work half day, so after work we went home to pick up the two princesses and went to Cranberry for lunch. Since most of the time they just stay home after school, it's nice to just take them out when we have time. Like we … Continue reading 05/27 & 05/28 2017 Weekend Cranberry +Wei’s + Tim’s again

Jessica’s Birthday May 10th, 2017

May 10th, we had a gathering with our close friends in Ladybrand with some whom couldn't make it for Jessica's Birthday. Location was at Cranberry cottage restaurant as usual, probably the only 'fine dining' in Ladybrand with a great atmosphere and all the necessary amenities available.  This night was just a dinner and a few … Continue reading Jessica’s Birthday May 10th, 2017

*SouthAfrica* Tripe & Samp

2017/03/19 Sunday Had a lovely lunch at Cranberry B & B, what's lovely about Cranberry bed & breakfast? They got ducks and two peacocks! Although Avery and Zara somehow scared of all kind of animals, but the environment is still very chilled. They have 4 sections of the dinning area, the main one is indoor dinning, Im … Continue reading *SouthAfrica* Tripe & Samp