05/27 & 05/28 2017 Weekend Cranberry +Wei’s + Tim’s again

More Food, More Drinks, More Friends, More Fun

On Saturday work half day, so after work we went home to pick up the two princesses and went to Cranberry for lunch. Since most of the time they just stay home after school, it’s nice to just take them out when we have time.

Like we have mentioned before, Cranberry is probably the only decent restaurant in our town, food-wise it’s not always consistent but the atmosphere is not bad and employees there already know us well as we not only go for food, sometimes we go there for drinks late night.

This is the Pasta Alfredo, kids love to eat noodles in general. It was a little bland tough this time


Bacon salad for starters for a change, very refreshing
Mama had oxtail with rice and veggies, oxtail can’t go wrong, but i must say the veggies this time are much better than before


I had Eisbein with mashed potato and veggies, nothing really special, not bad, but a very big portion
Everyone was enjoying their meal, or at least had a great time with the kids


Milk moustache, why not??

After lunch we went home, relaxed a bit, kids didn’t want to take a nap so was playing watching television etc until it was time to go to Wei’s house for dinner

And as usual, Wei’s mum’s cooking always top notch, always delicious, everything was super.  We had  ginger duck type of hotpot (not pictured, was on the side on a gas stove),  Taiwanese usually have this ginger duck hotpot in winter to keep warm, a very hearty meal
Some wine for the wine drinkers
A and Z also had fun with uncles and aunties and also an older sister (Tim’s daughter). Pictured above is Uncle Jacky

On Sunday after a light brunch at home we went to Tim’s house with friends to go and just relax and talk.  Had some snacks and drinks here and there and then Jessica (Tim’s wife) started to cook dinner.


Also chilling at the back porch for smokers and also trying to book accommodation for this upcoming weekend as we have planned to travel and go to Johannesburg together since it will be a long weekend

Kids were watching movies while they were there, but they went home early after dinner, I stayed a while longer and ended up still going around 10:30pm and called it a night. (It’s Sunday, we all still have to work the next day)

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