20170602 Johannesburg Trip Day 1

Getting ready in the morning, Avery helping Zara putting on her socks

Have been planning this trip for about a week back, since it’s election in Lesotho, where we and most of our friends work, the government have set Friday and Saturday as holiday so that locals can get enough time to go back to their homes for election.

As this was only a 3day-2night holiday we decided on Johannesburg, where it’s closer so won’t be as tired. It’s about a 4 hour drive one way from where we stay.

Avery ready for the trip with her snacks

We stopped at Kroonstad, Free State for a light snack. Rested a little bit, let the kids stretch and adults had some coffee then we were back on the road


Arrived in Johannesburg past 2pm so many of the restaurants were closed, we did however from our friend who lives in Johannesburg, went to a Chinese restaurant he recommended and that was still open at this time. In general the food was above average, some were delicious but some were just okay

The other thing we had in mind for this trip was to visit one of our friends that came from Taiwan for a show in Johannesburg.  He was very busy so we only had a couple of hours with him. Then after we drove him back to meet with his client

Taking a picture outside COCO where we bought bubble tea/boba tea whatever you want to call it. Best place to have bubble tea in South Africa according to what we have tried


After dropping our friend, we went back to the hotel, Garden Court in Sandton City, very convenient for those who love to shop and eat as it is just an alley across from Sandton shopping and many restaurants.  A highly recommended place for accommodation.

For dinner we walked across the alley to Sandton Square, to Big Mouth Sushi and Grill restaurant. Was recommended by friends who came with on this trip as the food was great and didn’t even need to drive to get there. WHAT’S A TRIP WITHOUT GOOD FOOD RIGHT??


We had made a reservation earlier during the day otherwise it will be super hard to have a table to accommodate all of us since it’s a Friday night.  The restaurant was fully packed

Salmon Ceviche for starters, very good, salmon was fresh. But not what i had in mind for Ceviche
Seafood pot, a very generous portion with great fresh seafood
Ribeye steak was good, notice i didn’t say ‘very’. Not bad what i had bigger expectations
Tomato pasta for the kids, kids do have a special taste i must say. They loved it
Mandela statue at Sandton Square just right outside of our restaurant

Kids enjoying the fountain area while we waiting on our food

Every had a great time at the restaurant, food was great in general and everybody was happy

After dinner, a few of our friends that stay in Johannesburg visited us at our hotel’s restaurant/bar.  We were all catching up and had a great time and some drinks


And that is our first day in Johannesburg, was a great start to finish for the first day

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