20170603 Johannesburg Trip Day 2 – Lion Park

The Second day of our trip in Johannesburg started off early with great breakfast at the hotel we stayed in.  The buffet style breakfast at the hotel was really one of the best we’ve had in South Africa, a big variety of different types of food, hot and cold.


After breakfast some of us went to Lion Park, heard great things and was recommended also by many of our friends.


The walk to the entrance of the park

This is the ticket room/counter at the Lion Park, there were many types of packages like self drive or going into one of the parks vehicles and stuff like that.

We chose the self drive package






Group shot of the people that went to the Lion Park


One of the main things we were here at this park to do was the baby cub interactions.


A fake small adult Lion on a real big baby cub


Zara was scared to get close to the cubs, this was the only way to get her touch the cubs lol


Only towards the end Avery and Zara started to get brave enough to come close to the cubs and touching them

We headed to Mall of Africa once we finished at Lion Park, went to the food court have grab a quick lunch then started shopping

A quick break during shopping with Haagen Dazs ice cream


After the mall everyone was tired and hungry and wanted to have some good food again.

We went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner called Japa, had some ‘Korean bbq’ and a bunch of other stuff.  We always come to Japa when we crave for Japanese food, although it is not economical but the food they serve we cannot find anywhere near where we stay


The same night there was a football match, can’t remember who was playing, but friends from Johannesburg decided to come to our hotel again at the bar and watch some football and have some beer.

***The next day we went to a Dim Sum place but forgot to take pics, overall was a great lunch and the food was great, it was our first time eating there.

This trip was really a success and joyful, everyone had a great time

Now we are looking into our calendars and planning on the next trip……

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