*S.A* Gift Shop at Lion Park 獅子園後續

※ 獅子園後續 ※ Follow up on Lion Park 看到上圖的Exit圖示了嗎,要出獅子園就得通過 "5" 個圓頂建築物,進去了才知道原來是禮品店啊! You guys see the Exit sign in the picture, in order to exit the park, you have to walk through 5 buildings (Domes as they call it).  And all of them are gift shops, with each building catering to a different styles of gifts … Continue reading *S.A* Gift Shop at Lion Park 獅子園後續

Choc-Chip Oatmeal Cookies 巧克力麥片餅乾 (Suitable for toddlers also)

  不知道你家的小孩有沒有我家的難搞,我們家的兩位小姐很挑食不常上廁所,所以我特地去找了oatmeal cookie食譜來幫忙他們增加上廁所的機會 這次的Oatmeal Cookie我特地找了不是用太多的Oatmeal麥片,為什麼呢,因為我家老大非常挑剔,只要有他不常吃到的東西都會特別有耐心的挑出來,於是我找了食譜是比較不誇張的《巧克力麥片餅乾》來挑戰他的味覺 在禮拜天的時候第一次按照我找的食譜,出自於 http://lovelylittlekitchen.com/bakery-style-oatmeal-chocolate-chip/ ,但是有稍加調整糖及巧克力片的量,要給小朋友吃的不用給太多巧克力啦,大家說是不是! 由於南非的商店並無法買到中筋麵粉,所以查了一下用低筋 7 : 高筋 3 的比例混合起來就是中筋麵粉啦。再來就是,之前有在一個部落客家裡看到南非人留言說南非的一大杯跟美國的一大杯容量不同!? 我一直以為是統一的... 不過後來查了一下其實是一樣的啊啊啊啊? 第一次烤照著食譜上說的12-14分鐘,所以我設了12分半,冷了之後有點硬,本人我喜歡軟餅乾,所以不同批烤用不同的時間 由於帶去公司同事們說不錯吃,於是下午回家又立馬做了一批,這次我調整了一下食譜來做 《Choco Chip Oatmeal Cookies》 Ingredients:                                                                   … Continue reading Choc-Chip Oatmeal Cookies 巧克力麥片餅乾 (Suitable for toddlers also)

20170603 Johannesburg Trip Day 2 – Lion Park

The Second day of our trip in Johannesburg started off early with great breakfast at the hotel we stayed in.  The buffet style breakfast at the hotel was really one of the best we've had in South Africa, a big variety of different types of food, hot and cold. After breakfast some of us went … Continue reading 20170603 Johannesburg Trip Day 2 – Lion Park

20170602 Johannesburg Trip Day 1

Have been planning this trip for about a week back, since it's election in Lesotho, where we and most of our friends work, the government have set Friday and Saturday as holiday so that locals can get enough time to go back to their homes for election. As this was only a 3day-2night holiday we … Continue reading 20170602 Johannesburg Trip Day 1