05/20 & 05/25 2017 Bloemfontein

05/20 Saturday we took mum to Bloemfontein as she needed to buy some stuff for herself.  We didn’t take the kids with this time as time wasn’t on our side.

For lunch we went to Ocean Basket, a seafood restaurant inside Loch Logan mall.

A dozen oysters was a fresh and plump for starters
Grilled Halloumi cheese with vegetables
Prepping for the seafood platter
Seafood platter for 3, with kingklip, prawns, calamari, rice and fries
Condiments, chili, garlic and i think it was tartar sauce

05/25 was a holiday in Lesotho, and on this day dad and mum were flying to Turkey. We left home separately as my parents were flying out from Johannesburg so they got themselves a driver to drop them off.  Avery also had an appointment with a pediatrician at Mediclinic because she has been complaining sometimes that her ear hurts and the throat also.


The waiting area at the pediatrician


After the appointment we went to our usual steak restaurant, LongHorn Grill steakhouse


Beef Ribs with mash and gravy, it was very delicious, very succulent and flavorful
The usual rump steak with veggies this time, grilled to perfection
A and Z shared a chicken pasta which was also delicious, they loved it
The must-have marrow bones as a starter, it never disappoints
Crumbed mushrooms
Everyone enjoying everything


After the late lunch we went to the mall for a bit to buy some groceries, usually it’s mama that takes the kids to the toilet but this time mama was occupied so i had to take Z to the restroom.  I took Z to the family restroom and this is what i saw, very cute, a normal size and a kiddies size toilet

One for adults one for kids

The day was filled with no time to spare and we got home at night

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