05/26 2017 Homemade meal

Steak is probably the easiest and fastest way to cook when at home. We usually cook up some steak once a while. Most of the time is just rump steak. 

But this time we bought some Ribeye and marrow bones. 

Salt and black pepper on ribeye both sides, then a little bit of olive oil on the skillet. 2:30 on eash side and done. We dont like basting or having a sauce on the side, so we usually just add more garlic salt after if it is not enough.

Marrow bones with black pepper then into the oven at 220 celcius for 15 mins. Remove and add some salt and crushed parsley.

It was our first time cooking marrow bones at home and it turned out great.

Ribeye is one of out preferred choice of meat and never disappoints

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