05/14 2017 Mother’s Day

This is our Mothers Day celebration in Ladybrand, South Africa a lot of people were invited to this event/party. Close to 80 people if i had to guess.


Decoration wise, there was not much to do as we didn’t have enough time and where we stay it is really limited.  So we improvised as you can see below.


We went to Bloemfontein earlier during the week to go and order 50 Carnations so that each and every single mother will get on Sunday.  We thought only a flower was a little too plain so we bought some chocolate and ribbons to tie one individual packaged chocolate to one flower.


Although this was the most decorated area, but not many people sat here, most were at the parking where the actual braai is or by the front lawn


Front lawn where the parents decided to chill and eat and drink and converse

Everybody seems to be enjoying each others company



Now below are where the actual work was put in, had a total of 4 braai stands.  Most people came to the house the same time so we had to work our backsides to keep up to the guests requests for food lol


The electric braai stand, best for chicken wings/drumsticks when you have too many other braai stands to take care of.  Just let it keep rotating and rotating and come check on it once a while hahaha


Mum drinking with Avery lol
These two had a blast also playing with uncles and aunties, thanks for them papa and mama were able to handle the guests


The braai meat, beef, lamb, pork and chicken had to ordered from the butchery a few days earlier because on Sunday the butchery is not open, and also worried that if we bought on Saturday, there won’t be enough with what we need.




We started at 11am which guests started arriving and went through the night until like 11pm.  Once the sun went down we moved inside as it was starting to get cold.  By dinner time there were only a few of us left, so for dinner we were about at 1 round-table and we had regular home cooked food.

For this year’s Mother’s Day we bought mum an Apple Watch, because a few days earlier while we were a the iStore she was looking at it and according to us she was quite interested.  We bought the Rose Gold with the Pink straps 42mm size since the text on her iphone is zoomed-in, so a bigger watch surface is probably the best choice.


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