*S.A.* Joburg Final

After Treetop from the previous post, for dinner tonight we wanted something western, so my friend again suggested The Grillhouse, they have been to one in another location before but not the one we decided to go this night.  It is located on the first floor of a building located in the center of a … Continue reading *S.A.* Joburg Final

05/14 2017 Mother’s Day

This is our Mothers Day celebration in Ladybrand, South Africa a lot of people were invited to this event/party. Close to 80 people if i had to guess.   Decoration wise, there was not much to do as we didn't have enough time and where we stay it is really limited.  So we improvised as … Continue reading 05/14 2017 Mother’s Day

*SouthAfrica* Tripe & Samp

2017/03/19 Sunday Had a lovely lunch at Cranberry B & B, what's lovely about Cranberry bed & breakfast? They got ducks and two peacocks! Although Avery and Zara somehow scared of all kind of animals, but the environment is still very chilled. They have 4 sections of the dinning area, the main one is indoor dinning, Im … Continue reading *SouthAfrica* Tripe & Samp