*S.A.* Joburg Final

After Treetop from the previous post, for dinner tonight we wanted something western, so my friend again suggested The Grillhouse, they have been to one in another location before but not the one we decided to go this night.  It is located on the first floor of a building located in the center of a block, so it was hard to see if we didn’t ask for directions from a hotel opposite it. We did make reservations for this but to our surprise there were alot of empty tables, most probably because it was a Sunday evening.
晚餐我們到了蠻有名的 The Grillhouse 牛排餐廳來吃,位在辦公高樓中的其中一棟… 我們在寒風中終於找到這家,但是因為禮拜天我們臨時預約居然沒有客滿,讓我覺得恩… 到底好不好吃呢


The prices were quite above average, let us just hope the food is up to standards according to the pricing lol


Free bread once we sat on our tables

Bread with their butter was really good, kids really loved it, probably because it was hot from the oven and adding to that they were hungry from all the activities from Treetop

For starters as below, we ordered snails and mussels, both were very good and it got our hopes high on the main courses. The kids started using the bread to dip the creamy cheese sauce to eat


Mains: friend recommended the Beef Rib as it was their specialty, i think it was a little too sweet to our taste but the quality and the tenderness of the meat was spot on
主菜: 朋友推薦的Beef Rib             *以下照片由iphone提供,Canon 沒電


Saddle Lamb Cutlets were really good, it was a choice of either marinade or spiced, we prefer spiced as usually marinade was always on the sweeter side which we don’t like.
And again the lamb was really tender, not dry at all, it was ordered to cook to ‘medium’

Yes, from the looks on the face you could tell they really like the sweetish beef ribs
恩… 從吃相就知道有多好吃 XDIMG_1410



After dinner the restaurant called a shuttle for us to take us to our parking which was on the otherside of the opposite block because it was freaking freezing that night and Zara didn’t have her jacket

Because on the first day Zara wasn’t able to play at Bounce because of her age for that day, only Avery was able to, we decided to go to Bounce again the morning of the next day, our last day at Johannesburg.


It was a Monday and in the morning so there were not alot of people there. They both were very excited about it and wore the grippy socks on their own and helded hands together to the trampolines


Before entering into the trampoline area, there was an instructor going over some of the rules, (papa and mama were thinking to ourselves, for sure these 2 little ones don’t understand what the instructor is saying hahaha)
Basically he’s just saying only one person on one trampoline at a time and no jumping from trampoline on to the mats (which are harder)
進場前要先聽完規矩喔,例如: 一張跳床只能一個人跳、在間隔也不可以跳… etc

Off they go after listening to the instructor, and as you can see, for our 1 hour session, there was basically no one
聽完了… 跳跳跳喔




The basketball was another area next to the main trampoline area


After a while they started getting tired and hungry so we packed everything and got ready to head out.  the white wristbands are for ‘jumpers’ the pink ones are for ‘non jumpers’

After Bounce we went to Japa, the Japanese restaurant as we couldn’t decide on where to eat
接下來,我們去吃Japa Sushi,看名字就知道是日本餐廳啦,之前只要有來約堡我們就會來吃,雖然有人說已經不那麼好吃了,但是別要求太多嘛

生魚片 Sashimi platter


烤牛舌 Grilled beef tongue


烤魚肚 Skewered Salmon belly


蔬菜拉麵 Veggie Ramen


叉燒拉麵 Braised pork Ramen


炸豬肉咖哩 (淋醬前淋醬後) Deep Fried Pork Curry and rice. the sauce was on the side so you add to your liking


Kids had quite alot of ramen as they usually like to eat noodles most of the time and also coming from Bounce, their appetite was on another level


The last stop before heading home, we came to Coco again, boba/bubble/pearl tea place, whatever you want to call it as we have realized people from different places have different names for them. This is the closest taste to the ones in Taiwan, and being in South Africa, there is nothing else that can top Coco


After Coco we started heading home and the Johannesburg trip was another successful trip!!

More trips are being planned as we will be having special guests this coming month
Stay tuned…….





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