*S.A.* Joburg Trip Day2 Treetop Adventure Park

Day 2 morning we went to Woodmead for brunch at Fournos, we were told that there was an outlet there and it was on sale.
Fournos is mainly like a bakery type of restaurant, we were not allowed to take pics in the restaurant so we were only able to take pics of what we have ordered, we sat just right outside the restaurant.

Avery and Zara loved the pastry and mama decided to buy some to-go for Tim’s daughter

Smoked Salmon Bagel


At first, the strip mall where we were we didn’t see any of the ‘outlet’ stores, so we just decided to go back to Sandton to meet our friends. When we were out the premises of the strip mall, we missed a turn onto the main road and we stumbled upon the ‘outlet’.


One of the special clothing store was the SuperDry one, although it was not an independent store, it was inside ‘Global Brands’ store. Global Brands store had a variety of brands inside it, including Diesel, Levi’s Timberland etc.  The entrance to the store is what confused mama, the ‘Man-Trap secrity booth’, for those who are not familiar, there is a pic attached below for reference. Basically it allow 1 person at a time to enter the 1st door, when the 1st door closes behind, then the 2nd door opens and only then you enter the actual shop. In South Africa this type of security doors are very common in banks and high-end jewelry/watch stores.
因為不小心錯過一個路口而誤打誤撞找到的Outlet,SuperDry Outlet找到了,並不是自己獨立的一家,而是跟其他牌子一起在 Global Brands Diesel Outlet.


特別想說明的是,這家的出入口跟南非銀行的一樣,一個人進去這個玻璃盒子後裡面的那一道門會等第一道門關上了後才會打開。這個安全門叫做Man-Trap Security Booth,真的非常防搶匪… 有需要這樣嗎…


總而言之呢,因為裡面不能拍照,基本上是蠻整齊的,但是空氣很不流通,SuperDry跟Diesel有自己獨立的一區,但是基本上每一區之間都有衣服防盜器,所以每個區買完就得結帳… 到底是有發生多少案件過???

After the outlet mall we went to a place called Treetop adventures with our friends.  This is our first time here but our friends have been here before. It’s for all ages from toddlers to adults.  But our friends usually bring their kids to this place for them to play.  Although we were worried that Zara’s age was a bit small and not sure if she was able to play, but we still headed there anyway.

The gravel road of the main road was very rough at some points, it is best recommended to drive an SUV instead to of a sedan otherwise there is a fairly high chance that the sedan cars may get damaged

This is basically how it looks like once we parked the cars

A little bit further into the woods we could see wood-cabins where the stalls are for ticketing and snacks.


This area have different sections for different age/height differences, and as usual, out 2 little ones would be in the smallest area.

Pics below are for the bigger children, with ‘higher’ adventures

Avery在看了大哥哥大姊姊的示範之後也決定去玩了,於是他去的是給小小孩的Woodpecker Course,價錢是 R110
After Avery saw our friends kids playing, she also wanted to go on the course also, so mama paid R110 (~$9.00USD) for the ticket for the Woodpecker course, for the smallest kids.


After getting prepped with the harness and safety equipment by one of the employees, then she was led to the course.  Each child has their own ‘instructor’ so it was great for safety and attention-wise.


The Woodpecker course had 11 challenges i think, from start to finish her rope was always attached to the tightrope/wire, and plus she wasn’t really that high at all on the courses

After one course of 11 challenges she decided to stop and went back to the prepping area to remove her harness.  Once thing great about this is that once you purchase and entry, you get a wristband, and as long as you got this wristband on, you can do the course as many times as you want.


A cute little sign for the toilet


大哥哥姐姐們挑戰的滑繩過河!!! 超高的,大人要滑也可以喔,真是太有勇氣了
Below are the pics of our friends kids on the courses they were on and also the zip-line across a lake/river

After Zara saw Avery doing the course and we wondered a little while, looking and walking around, Zara said she also wanted to go on the course. When we were at the counter to purchase entry, the guy said that it was already past 4 and they close at 5, so maybe she won’t have time to go on a second time if she wanted. To us we think it’s fine because we don’t know when we will be here next time and at least she could have a go for at least once and that should be good enough.

So in order to make sure that Zara don’t freak out, we asked Avery to do the course again with Zara so she could accompany her. So both went to the prepping stations again and started putting on the harness.

Zara was a little bit shorter than Avery so at some points her arms couldn’t reach the top rope to walk across, so instead she just held onto her own rope that was attached to the top rope and the instructor had to hold/guide her through some points on the stages.

And it was another energy-depleting day for them and they slept once we got in the car to go back to the area where we stayed

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