*S.A.* Johannesburg Trip – Day1

It is that time again where we have a long weekend.  We first wanted to go to Drakensberg, but there was no accommodation available because school holidays just started. We were 2 weeks early on looking for accommodation but apparently it wasn’t enough time. So we searched and found on booking.com a very high-rated apartment that was available, the apartment is called Sandton Skye, just by seeing the pictures we really loved it. Everytime we are out of town we try to stay at different places so we can enjoy something new and review.

Part of the 4 hour drive

Our friends told us about Bounce, an indoor trampoline place for kids and adults.  We thought it would be a great place for the kids to play.  When we got there, only Avery was able to jump, because Zara was still too small in age.  They said that normally they would allow Zara to jump too but this was on a Saturday, so it was very packed and they worry about smaller kids getting hurt.  We weren’t that upset after they told us their reason.  Jumping is on an hourly basis, but Avery jumped for about 20 mins and we left, because we could see Zara was very sad that she could not join with her sister.



They give everyone a pair of special socks with bubbly grips at the bottom

Area for smaller kids where Avery jumped





After Bounce, we went to our apartment to check-in.  We first booked for a 2 room apartment but somehow the host said there was a problem or something so they moved us to another. The one they moved us to had one main entrance door and then 2 seperate doors, one was a 1 bedroom apartment and the other is a studio.

Below is the one bedroom apartment

Furnishing and decor was beautiful and tasteful



It is our 1st thing to do always when we get into a place where we going to stay, move all glassware and everything that is within reach of Zara (especially) and move it all up high to the kitchen counter

Below is the studio


For dinner we Google’d and found a Korean restaurant with good rating.




There was not alot of variety on the menu but it all tasted good the ones we ordered

炸雞薯條,炸雞很脆好吃,大概有10來隻吧因為幾乎每個人都有分到,BBQ醬很搭. This is the spicy fried chicken, we thought it was like a starters but no, we were wrong, there were like 5 drumsticks and 5 wings. Luckily there were a lot of us so we shared lol


韓式炸醬麵,其實有一款韓國泡麵味道很像… 但兩個小孩很愛吃耶


The bathroom at the apartment was a big piece of glass and you can see into the bathroom when sitting on the bed



After we went back to the apartment, we stayed for a while then i left with a few friends to a place not far from where we stayed, a mansion that the owner have transformed to an entertainment mansion. This place consisted of many areas, some Karaoke areas, hotel rooms and restaurant. Price for entry is R4000 which is about $300USD for 10 people. This price includes a private area with all you can drink alcohol, fully stocked, (except for wine).  Includes a variety of beer and liquor. The area, includes a lounge area, a fully stocked bar, a pool table area and a separate room for karaoke


Well, as everyone knows that after drinking people tend to get hungry lol. Because we were using Uber all this time, we for somehow told the Uber to drop us off at MacDonalds thinking we would just grab something to eat here first then head home. Once we got off the Uber, we realized the restaurant was closed, only the Drive-Thru was open but we didn’t have a car, so we had to improvise, we made the Drive-Thru in to a ‘Walk-Thru’ lol
It was quite embarassing to say the least as there were cars lining up behind us. After receiving the order we called another Uber van to pick us up and we got dropped off one by one as we were all living at different places.

And that was the fun filled first day at the City of Gold

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