*SouthAfrica* Tripe & Samp

2017/03/19 SundayDSC_0079 (800x450)

Had a lovely lunch at Cranberry B & B, what’s lovely about Cranberry bed & breakfast? They got ducks and two peacocks! Although Avery and Zara somehow scared of all kind of animals, but the environment is still very chilled.

DSC_0080 (800x450)

They have 4 sections of the dinning area, the main one is indoor dinning, Im not really a fan of their main dinning section because the kitchen is just in the restaurant, and not sure if they just don’t have a good range hood, because after dinning, the smell of the food is all over yourself.

DSC_0068 (450x800)
Taken by Zara

second dining area is just right outside the indoor section.

Third dinning area is the patio area, we really enjoy the sun when the weather is nice, but hubby doesn’t like dinning under the tree so we barely go there.

Fourth area will be the outer section, which is new to explore, that is the area I like the most in this B & B, it has got more country atmosphere and got a relaxing sofa and homely decorations in this area.

Okay, back to the topic, so what we ordered on that day was Beef Tripe & Samp and lamb shank. When did I start loving the beef tripe in my life was when I had my first bowl of pho.

What is samp? In my last post of Lesotho street food I introduced “Pap”, the samp is the cornmeal that has been crushed but not as fine as pap, so you can still feel some parts of the corn and you can taste the dryness in it, taste really different than the juicy corns you find in anywhere else besides Africa.

The lamb shank was real tender and flavorful.

The tripe stew was a bit creamy and the tripe was very tender and it goes so well with the samp, however, I was unable to finish the whole thing because it became too rich for me, so hubby was kindly enough to finish it after his lamb shank. 🙂





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