*S.A. ViEw* Mist Way to Lesotho

March 25, 2017

Saturday morning to Lesotho, we had to stop to capture such a romantic view

DSC_0323 (800x600)
Driving above the cloud/mist, via Sony Z5 Premium
DSC_0324 (800x600)
via Sony Z5 Premium
DSC_0325 (800x600)
via Sony Z5 Premium
DSC_0326 (800x566)
via Sony Z5 Premium



South Africa has stunning view everywhere but only shame is robbery rate, stealing, illegal guns, bribery (especially the traffic police) are happening in South Africa, it makes living not so easy and relaxed as it should be.

via Samsung S7
via Samsung S7
via Samsung S7
via Samsung S7



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