*Lesotho* Street Food Part i

Today’s special: Street Food in Lesotho, Pap and chicken

Pap is Basotho’s major starch resource in Lesotho, it almost goes well with EVERYTHING!! yes, everything, grilled chicken, grilled beef, beef stew, even MILK!!!

My two girls were fed with pap and milk when they were still on the baby food, we gave them fruit puree, veggie puree and my nanny also gave them pap with milk, omg

They were eating by hands just like my Basotho nannies and still having trouble using forks and spoon… but I know eventually everything will come right…

Anyways, pap and chicken were our lunch for today, this one had many side dishes and the chicken looks really nice, I’ll take more photos of the other street foods to compare.

The chicken were not over-spiced like the ones I tried before, however, I had to stop myself for not getting too much pap, because pap cam makes your size ●double up●

DSC_0048 (800x450)DSC_0049 (800x450)DSC_0050 (800x450)

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