Really Sinking in

**The following post is not like the usual stuff we post, so if you are looking for pictures or looking for something light to read then it is not this post.  This post is something that we have decided that will affect us as a family, more of a 'heavy' read.** After more than 5 … Continue reading Really Sinking in

*Scenery in Between South Africa and Lesotho*

Below are just some of the pics we have gathered recently. Not at all a professional or even close to that, but like to share pictures that we think are beautiful and worth a look at. These are ones we usually see when we get off work from Maseru, Lesotho and returning home to Ladybrand, … Continue reading *Scenery in Between South Africa and Lesotho*

*Lesotho* Street Food Part i

Today's special: Street Food in Lesotho, Pap and chicken Pap is Basotho's major starch resource in Lesotho, it almost goes well with EVERYTHING!! yes, everything, grilled chicken, grilled beef, beef stew, even MILK!!! My two girls were fed with pap and milk when they were still on the baby food, we gave them fruit puree, veggie … Continue reading *Lesotho* Street Food Part i