*S.A.* Sunny & Wei’s Birthday

Same day different year Wei and Sunny were born, June 29

We first had dinner at Wei’s house on Thursday 29th June, a pre-party if you want to call it.

Wei, in black and Sunny in blue.  This was after dinner when they were cutting the cake

Many were friends and family were present on that day


The actual birthday party gathering was on the Saturday, at Cranberry restaurant


Most these guys are from out of town from Bloemfontein, came to celebrate and party with


We got both Wei and Sunny presents, but for Wei it was quite small so we decided wrap and wrap and wrap the gift. We ended up with like 4 or 5 wraps/boxes like a Russian doll, the best part was that for each layer of wrap/box we used duct tape so you could see Wei was a bit confused and frustrated but everyone else enjoyed his reactions.


We were all having too much fun so not many pics were taken, food, drinks, friends and family are all it takes to have a superb evening.

*Used both Canon G7X Mark II and iPhone 7 Plus for above photos

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