Jessica’s Birthday May 10th, 2017

May 10th, we had a gathering with our close friends in Ladybrand with some whom couldn’t make it for Jessica’s Birthday. Location was at Cranberry cottage restaurant as usual, probably the only ‘fine dining’ in Ladybrand with a great atmosphere and all the necessary amenities available.  This night was just a dinner and a few drinks as it was on a Wednesday night everyone had to work the next day.  So here on to the pictures of Jessica and Tim(husband) and other friends who attended.

Jessica & Tim. Sunny suggested that we put cream on Jessica’s nose and Tim would lick it off.  In exchange, Sunny agreed that on his wedding day, cream will be put on his bride’s buttocks and he will lick it off.  Now that is something will all hope to see one day lol
Jessica & Tim
Birthday girl with the cheese cake made by the restaurant
Mama Jess’s cake
Chitty chat chat and a few drinks really goes well together

We brought champagne also

Cheers to the birthday girl

It was fun and everyone had a great time catching up (we usually gather every weekend, so there was nothing much to catch up hahaha)

Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

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