Bloem Show

The 2017 Bloemfontein Show in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

This was our second time coming to the Bloem show this year, the first time was a week before and at the time we didn’t spend much time at this place as we were on a tight schedule.

The second time we took time to walk, see, eat and ride the offerings the Bloem show had

Lamb Sawarma, very delicious.  There were different selections also, chicken, beef and vegetarian.  There was also Falafel at the same stall but didn’t get a chance to taste it

Potjiekos (stew) with Samp (chopped/broken corn kernels) Zara enjoyed this dish, every part of it.  Avery was more picky at the beginning but towards the end she realized how good the food was and started eating too

There was a section at the show where there were many different types of carnival rides but only a few were suitable for our two little ones. To ride you had to go to the ticket booth to buy tickets to use on the rides, each ticket costs R10.

The Kiddies train ride, costing 2 tickets each, mama also had to pay
Merry-go-round, 2 tickets each also for the kids, but mama this time did not have to pay to ride with the girls


Corn Dog, the batter was not as good as the ones we had before but nonetheless it was the first time we had corn dog in South Africa
Camel rides were also present, but Avery freaked out so they didn’t want to take a ride
Avery enjoyed the corn dog much more than papa and mama did
Helping Auntie and Uncle cleaning their display products at the show


Someone had an accident so no clothes on the journey home

It was a fun filled day out and we all enjoyed taking the girls out



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