*S.A.* Longhorn Grill Steakhouse

Longhorn grill steakhouse is where we usually go for a decent lunch when steak is what we crave for.  Although this restaurant is in Bloemfontein, a 1.5 hours drive from where we stay. We usually only come to eat at this place if we are in town.

Atmosphere is great, very clean and the food there are very very good, at least to our taste.  There is another called Margaritas Seafood & Steak but that place opens for dinner only IIRC so we usually don’t stay that late for dinner and then drive all the way back home.

Grilled Calamari with some rice and lemon butter sauce as starter
Marrow bones with mashed potato and some bread also for starter.  The marrow bones at this restaurant is really really good, some other restaurants have this dish but incomparable


This is a rump steak with garlic sauce and blue cheese topping.  Blue cheese is too pungent for me but it was easy to get rid of, just scrape it off and give it to mama hahaha. With a side of rice.  Steak itself is good as always.
Mama ordered a half rack of Pork Ribs with mashed potato and gravy
And also extra onion rings on the side
You can see by the look on her face how she enjoyed the food there

Have always been to this steakhouse for steak craving days, but we are in search for other steak houses that also opens for lunch, hope we will able to find soon…..

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