A Late iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus Black (matte) 128GB
A little back story, I myself have been using both iOS and android phones. My first smartphone was the iPhone 3Gs, then 4, 5 6S plus and now 7 plus.  In between each iPhone I had at least one or a couple of androids mixed in there. In my mind I have always been an android person but sometimes to stir things up a little bit I mixed a iPhone in here and there.
Now to the last iPhone I own (7 plus), let’s see what transpired.
since getting the Samsung galaxy S7 Edge in September in 2016, I have not had any problems up until about a month ago.  Suddenly I am getting the pink line on the right hand side of the screen.  At the beginning it comes and goes or if I just press it on top of the screen it will just go away, lately it seems like it is here to stay.
You can see on the below pic, the vertical pink line runs from the battery icon to the bottom of the scree, it is much more visible in person
Well I have been waiting on the launch of the galaxy S8 versions, I must say when I was at the store and held it in my hand and looking at the screen, I was again surprised by Samsung again with it’s quality of the build and the screen.  But in all honesty, the edge display has never impressed me, as I never found any use of the edge display and it’s basically impossible to find a glass screen protector that works perfectly on the curved edges.  And also have the curved edges and the slim bezels, I sometimes find myself touching the screen by accident from my palm when operating it with one hand.
Although I must say even the s7 edge’s screen is nothing to complain about, not even a single bit. The color it produces and the sharpness and everything the screen has to offer I have not once regretted besides the edges.  But the pink line is getting on my nerves and thought of getting the s8, but due to the curved screen again, it has indeed put me off.  After very much ‘communicating’ with the wife, we have finally bet on the iPhone 7 plus hoping it will take care of all my daily needs.  We shall see…..
Once we bought the phone we went ahead and got the UAG case and a glass protector, the glass protector was cracked on top of the speaker piece when I got to the car.  I think the person at the shop might have damaged it and I didn’t realize it until later. Well any case it doesn’t bother me ‘reaaally’ that much, but I didn’t want to go all the way back o the store and argue with him as I was already out the store and it was my fault to not inspect it properly right after he had installed it.
Just another of the iPhone 8 speculations from the internet
Why not wait for the iPhone 8 (whatever it’s going be named), many people said, but seeing the renditions thus far, it seems like it will be bezel-less and that to me i think it is going need some to get used to.  the S7 Edge already was enough fuss for me with the minimal bezel.  So i thought i might just get this as it might be the last iPhone with bezels lol (or maybe it was just my excuse because i didn’t want to wait any longer)
So stay put, and let’s see where this iPhone takes us on this journey……..

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