*S.A.* Clarens

September came a long weekend, when we decided with friends that we wanted to take a trip somewhere it was only a week left. Many of the accommodations were already booked but we managed to snatch this house.
九月底突然來的Long Weekend,讓我們只有不到一個禮拜的時間確定要出遊的人數及訂房,於是在這麼急促的時間下從為數不多的選擇選了一間,結果是個蠻有趣的房子,繼續看下去

Because everyone still had to work on the day we planned to leave, once we got to the house it was already dark.  The driveway up to the house was very tight so we thought of just parking the cars properly and not to move again unless necessary.

The description and the pictures on Airbnb was not very clear, on the website it was showing 4 rooms but in reality it was actually only 2 rooms (downstairs) the other so-called 2 rooms were upstairs. It was actually just 2 open spaces where they have beds. It really was not suitable for a large group of people and with kids since the upstairs did not cover the area complete therefore there were big spaces that even the slightest noise could be heard. Pictures below can show more.

Because of the open space, when the children started crying at night while other people were asleep it was very bad, waking up other people. But friends are friends, they don’t care much of the noise, we are on holiday. Mornings are when people were discussing how Zara was crying and other people could still be snoring and it was the topic for laughter.
對於我來說真的是一大挑戰,因為怕她們出門玩會做夢半夜大哭,老母我壓力好大… 果不其然,在我們住的兩個晚上Zara都不負眾望的大哭,幸好大家都很體諒,哈哈哈,是說不體諒是能怎麼辦

The first night because we arrived late, we decided to cook ourselves something easy and fast, was just mainly chicken curry. Everyone was helping in preparing for dinner and chatting and just having fun. (As you can see the below pictures, we were able to stand on the second floor and take proper wide pictures on the first floor)

Kids were watching tv while the adults prepared for dinner
There was a patio outside a glass door and also had sail to cover up in case of bad weather

It was cold the first night, the hot and delicious curry soothed everyone good, after dinner then it’s time to chit chat
煮好後大家開吃,在冷冷的天氣吃著熱熱的咖哩飯實在是幸福啊~~~ 吃飽了就是聊天時間IMG_3072IMG_3076
Later during the night when the kids went to sleep, the adults joined up at the patio and started partying

The next morning, people who had kids took them out and walked to Clarens town


This is how the house looks like during the day, taken from the bottom of the driveway

Kids had a lot of fun in town and also during the way there

For brunch we ate at Artist cafe, there was also a playground for the kids
我們在Artist Cafe停下來吃早餐,小朋友有地方玩又有得吃

After the meal we went across the street which was a big grass area like a park, there was also horse riding at that time

In the afternoon everyone wanted to just be lazy and relax at the house, we started making chinese pancakes with scallions

The final product was very delicious
A little later we went to the jacuzzi downstairs of the house.  The house also had a bar area with a tv right next to the jacuzzi, we can either have a drink by the bar and watch tv or relaxing in the jacuzzi while also watching tv. Next to this area there is also a gym with some equipments, did i mention there was a hammock also
接著大家去樓下泡Jacuzzi啦,沒想到樓下有一個小健身房之外還有一個吧檯,可以看電視,一旁還有吊床,恩~~~ 真享受


This is how most of the afternoon was spent

Dinner for the second night we had a braai, everyone went crazy since it was the last night before heading home. We even had our own version of Pi Patel (we were playing an improvising game where someone had to improvise a movie and the others have to guess)
晚上烤肉,假期的最後一晚大家也玩得比較瘋,看桌子上的酒瓶就知道… ,就連少年Pi都出現啦

The second morning (last day) we had breakfast at the house
There was a passage at the back of the house where people could climb up the path to higher grounds and get a very beautiful view of the scenery and the town


Clarens is not too far from Ladybrand where we stay, about a 2 hour drive.  We arrived home in the afternoon and for dinner we went to a friend’s house.  We had some delicious Korean food, Korean BBQ
Perfect ending to the long weekend
完美的句點 。

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