*kitchen* KitchenAid 2 slice toaster


Our Christmas purchase for our home: KitchenAid 2 slice toaster KMT2115ER

It only has 4 stars review on Amazon, let’s see how many stars we will be giving after a week. So the review will only be updated after a week.

The toaster has 3 colors: Red, Silver and Black, I like their classic red.

To be update…


Well this is the update after nearly about a year lol

Sorry for the delay, was going through previous posts and came by this one that was supposedly still waiting for an ‘update’

Well let’s go,

This toaster i wouldn’t recommend to a friend though, the toaster has 5 setting on how ‘toast’ you want your slice of bread. We have always kept it at 1 and still most of the time if we wait it to pop up automatically, the bread will be over brown, or at least more brown than other toasters we have used before. Most of the time we pop the toast manually if we remember to do so. We have not even tried to turn the dial to ‘2’ as ‘1’ was already producing more burn than we want.

There you go, before we purchased this there were other reviews on this toaster with the same issue, but didn’t think it would come that bad.

Anycase, maybe it was our toaster that was faulty or it was the way it is, but we are more sure to really take reviews more into consideration in future online purchases.

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