*Braai* Jason & Stella’s house

2017/04/08 Jason & Stella invited us to their house to braai

Braai is Afrikaans for barbecue

Jason and Stella are leaving Ladybrand to Cape Town after Easter for good, so many people joined the braai on that day, which was a raining day, however, it didn’t bother to have a good gathering 🙂JasonBraii_20170408_14JasonBraii_20170408_13JasonBraii_20170408_12JasonBraii_20170408_11JasonBraii_20170408_10JasonBraii_20170408_9JasonBraii_20170408_8JasonBraii_20170408_7JasonBraii_20170408_6JasonBraii_20170408_5JasonBraii_20170408_4JasonBraii_20170408_3JasonBraii_20170408_2JasonBraii_20170408

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