*S.A.* Canon G7X Mark ii

Timing is everything! This Canon G7X ii we have been calling to the camera shops in Johannesburg and none of them carry stocks, was trying to get a good camera before our road trip to Durban but unfortunately nothing has been found.

So on that day we took Zara to see the pediatrician for her breathing problem, we went to Kloppers  for our last hope and surprisingly there is the only one available, wow, immediately we shut the money on the table and purchased it *just kidding..

Anyways,  we bought it right away and unboxed at the hospital parking


Photos taken at the parking


Really like how vivid images was produced by G7X ii

Additional: Bloemfontein McDonald

The grills were not there when the McDonald was opened, after a few weeks or months later, the grills was added on the cashier window…


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