Adobe Illustrator – as a beginner

Because of my hubby, I finally had a chance to learn the program I never thought I would be involved in – Adobe Illustrator.

On my previous job in Dallas, we had to ask for ai files from our art department for the factory to make all kinds of printing products, included to print on the bags, cloth, costumes, packaging… and all our art department had one giant Mac computer and tablet for each person.

So since my hubby is recently interested in Adobe Illustrator, I also started to learn from the beginning, and honestly, it’s not easy but it’s quite interesting.

So here I started my 7 days free trail on my windows computer and this is the first “AI artwork” step by step followed the instructor on the Adobe Illustrator website and yeah I can also do it!!! There’re so many tools and techniques to learn and luckily I still able to make one pizza logo although it’s not as perfect as the sample!! Hopefully my passion shall last for a long time 😉

20170405 Daisy first attempt




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