*S.A* New York 08/03

Today is Bloemfontein again for dentist appointment for Avery, she has been complaining that her teeth hurts sometimes. The dentist took some x-rays and found that 1 of her tooth is really bad and will need to be removed.  The next appointment for the tooth removal will be on August 28th, 3 days before her birthday.

After the dentist it was lunch time, and we decided to go to New York restaurant.  We have heard many great things about this restaurant but didn’t have time before to come and visit.




One of our starters is snails, the creamy garlic sauce was really good
The other was the mussels, not as good as the snails but still very delicious

For the children, we got a chicken schnitzel and spare ribs

The chicken schnitzel was very good, not dry at all but we forgot to order a sauce to go with it


The ribs on the other hand wasn’t that good, it’s dry and seems like they overcooked it as some parts of the meat was very hard


For me I went with the Rump Steak, which is the type of cut I will always choose when i try a new restaurant.  It was good but not great, sometimes i think that the rump steak from Longhorn is still better. 
For Mama she ordered the filet, and she said it is the best she’s had in Bloemfontein, even far more superior than the one from Longhorn

Kids having fun at the restaurant enjoying their food

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