Macbook Pro with UAG Case Review

I’ve had this laptop for a few months now, it was my 3rd laptop within a month. First 2 were Windows based (Lenovo and HP) but for some reason the wifi both had the same problems linking to out wireless router at home so both were returned. So ended to with a mac and bootloading it. Reason for bootloading is because the software for the Direct to Garment printer only works with Window. I guess i’m lucky that i took the Mac route as i have not had any problems with it so far, and comparing to my wife’s 2011 macbook pro she still has not run into any major problems.  Although she did upgrade her ram and storage to SSD and now works even better. Still getting use to the mac i must say, but basics are covered.



This laptop has always been stationery next to the garment printer but starting recently im alone now with the kids and having to take them to places i carry the laptop with me also. So looking for some protection for the laptop had begun.  I have a backpack with a dedicated pocket for a laptop but that backpack was more for traveling so it was big and bulky, didn’t really work well for just taking the laptop from point A to point B. Was looking at some sleeves but realized it would just be more hassle to have to put in and remove everytime i need to use the laptop, then i started to look into cases. Have always liked the UAG design and protection as i have use several of their products before already for a variety of phones for Androids and IOS.


Now knowing what i want there was a problem that really have to be thought thoroughly, on my laptop when it’s being used and placed next to my printer at the office. All ports are being used, on the left of the laptop is 2x type-C which i plug in a hyperdrive which utilizes both of them at the same time, then i plug my charging cable, garment printer cable and the regular printer cable. On the right of the laptop it has also 2x type-C ports (which i have 2 dongles) and a 3.5mm, i plug the speakers on (who don’t need external speakers with music right?!), 1 type-C port for the USB key to work with the garment printer software and the other is a USB flash drive which i save printing files from PS on Mac OS then open in bootcamp when i’m ready to print.  All ports are being used and enough to charge at the same time thanks to the hyperdrive.


Some people complained about the sharp edges along the wrist rest, but i don’t think it any problem

But sadly when the UAG case arrived and fitted, the hyperdrive is no longer usable with the case fitted. The side protection of the case is not cut wide enough to compensate the hyperdrive as shown in a pic below. I am still thinking of what i can do, as there are 2 options. 1st, remove the case every time i need to use the garment printer, which i’m not really a fan of because of the obvious hassle/time consuming there is also a thing i think would be hard, the clips are very tight, it was already a little hard to install and having to think of removing i’m really scared it might damage the computer if not careful enough; 2nd get more dongles so i can leave out the hyperdrive, meaning i cannot charge at the same time. Or lastly i have to sacrifice and remove what ever i don’t need depending on what task im doing, meaning i will have to keep plugging and unplugging the cables/dongles.


As for the UAG case, protection i really there atleast from what i see, i will be carrying the laptop like this without any bags, just close the screen and take it with me to the car, drive and arrive at destination, and take it again to where ever i will be using. This case does definitely give me the confidence in doing this.

This case will be here to stay and i feel it will protect it from many potential damages.

Would definitely recommend someone that is looking for protection of the case to check it out

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