Stay at Home dad

Not easy as i thought i may say, well at least if you have a business to run also and having 2 little monsters that just trash the house haha.

Kids only school from Monday to Thursday, and today is Thursday, don’t actually know what i should be doing with them tomorrow as i have not had much time to doing my own work. Didn’t have the time to switch on the DTG printer yesterday. Blank tshirts are arriving today and will have to start with the customer’s order asap.

Will be having to grab a quick lunch, or in my case a quick couple of hot bun then have to meet with Zara’s teacher for a routine conference, hope i don’t hear anything embarrassing about Zara. Then will have to wait at school again for nearly another hour till both of them are done with school.

Also have to meet someone around the same area here in McKinney as i have bought a pound of sliced biltong and a pound of chili bites, really looking forward to it as i have not had any in almost half a year and really craving for it now.

Let us see what else there is on today and will share with more interesting things as soon as it comes.

Really hate living on 1st floor apartment especially come spring/summer, we’ll talk about that later

A quick pic on what i’m doing


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