*S.A.* Cape Town Day2 2/2 Simon’s Town

On the way to Simonstown to see Penguins we saw many cars parked alongside of the road and people were using binoculars to look towards the ocean so as to curiosity, we stopped also.  Then we realized what they were looking at, WHALES!!! It was quite far away so the kids didn’t actually know where we were pointing when we tried to show them
大重點來了!!!! 在Cape Town海岸線開車時只要看到有很多人停在路邊請立馬停車!!! 我們在路上看到有很多人停在一個點但是又不知道是在看什麼,於是我們也停了下來,一問之下才知道是鯨魚啦!!!! 但是因為牠們在有點遠的地方,相機已經放到最大但是還是不夠清楚,也沒照到噴水,不過依舊很興奮,只是小孩子就在旁邊完全不懂我們的點在哪,哈哈哈哈

After whale watching for a while we continued and headed towards Simonstown
收拾好興奮的心情繼續開車到Simonstown 的Boulders企鵝生態棲息地

South Africa’s got penguins also, the African Penguin, it’s more of a tropical climate penguin, it’s in the open, not enclosed space with extreme cold temperatures like most of what we have in mind because they are tropical penguins, if that’s what you want to call it
: 南非也有企鵝,牠們是熱帶企鵝!!! 
為什麼要畫這個重點呢? 原因是我給朋友看了之後,其中一位居然問我:有企鵝好酷喔,是說,很冷嗎,怎麼感覺是露天的?(你知道我在說你)



Children under 4 years of age enter for free, luckily enough Avery was a month away from becoming 4 years. The place had like a boardwalk type of feel and along the way you could see penguins here and there until the end of the boardwalk where it ends by the beach, then you could see a lot more penguins



At the end of the boardwalk as you can see there were a lot of penguins sunbathing and swimming


The children had such a great time seeing and talking about penguins, it was only once we got back in the car, they started saying they were hungry

For lunch we drove a little bit more to The Gallery FishHoek, this restaurant is situated by the beach
中餐我們來到了The Gallery Fish Hoek (發音Hook),這家餐廳就在海邊,走出去就是海灘啦,

As usual we start off with 3 dozens of oysters


Starters-fried calamari 炸花枝不知道為什麼會舖飯
Seafood Platter 1
Seafood Platter 2
Sauces that came with the meal, garlic butter, butter and peri peri sauce 沾醬: 蒜頭奶油,奶油,Peri-Peri
Seafood pasta for the kids to share 海鮮焗麵

While we were eating, the waitress rushed to our table and told us to look outside the window from where we sat and towards the ocean.  Again we see whales!!!! This time was much better as it was much closer and the kids could actually see. So concentrated and looking at the whales we didn’t take much pictures but one, where the whale was out of the water and could clearly be seen spraying water (breathing??)
在吃飯時,服務生跑來提醒我們看窗外,又有鯨魚看!!! 這次比較幸運的是距離近了不少,我們光是欣賞鯨魚跳起來就忘記照相了,幸運地只拍了一張居然拍到噴水照!!!

After the late lunch the kids went onto the ocean to place for about 10 minutes since the sun was going down and the temperature started to drop
Special note, the sand here is so fine you can hardly feel it when rubbing with your hand

For dinner one of our family friend who stays in Cape Town took us to a very special restaurant Sea Breeze Fish & Shell.  The menu everyday changes according to what they feel is in season and fresh.  All dishes served were very exquisite and not the ones for the hungry man with big portions, a good thing since we had lunch not long ago.
晚餐是一位姊姊帶我們去的,『Sea Breeze』據說菜單天天不同, 是根據當天買到的食材決定菜單,而且菜色精緻,剛好適合我們今天午餐吃的晚還不太餓的胃


As usual, 3 dozens of oysters to start off 一樣是三打生蠔喔
Squid ink pasta for the kids, very delicious 味道很好,整碗吃光光


Dessert we had a few different types but the most special one was the cheesecake, it came with a small cup of caramel for the person eating to pour it over according to taste. Our friend told us that she always had a hard time trying to get a piece at it was always sold out
甜點: 大推蘋果派起司蛋糕,搭配溫熱的焦糖更好吃!!! 聽說非常搶手!!

Applepie Cheese cake
Mixed Berries Panna Cotta

This is the second day and again finished off with great food, a very productive day and many places were visisted

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